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The Wildfire
Ham, Provolone, Black Olives, Roasted Red Pepper, Lettuce & Italian Sauce

Italian Panini
Genoa Salami, Olive, Pesto, Roasted Red Pepper, Tomato, & Provolone Cheese

Tuscan Chicken Wrap
Grilled Chicken, Pesto Cream Cheese, Sun Dried Tomato, Green Pepper, Black Olive, and Cheddar Jack; Grilled in a Flour Tortilla

Grilled Turkey Wrap
Smoked Turkey, Cream Cheese, Green Pepper, Sun Dried Tomato and Cheddar Jack; Grilled in a Flour Tortilla

Grilled Ham & Cheese
Your Choice of Cheddar or Provolone

Chicken Quesadilla
Grilled Chicken, Cheddar Jack, Black Olives, Green Pepper, Tomato; grilled in a Tortilla Shell; w/ Salsa & Sour Cream

Today's Soup [ served with Rosemary Bread]
Cup - 12 oz
Bowl - 16 oz

Half & Half
Half of Any Sandwich and a Small House Salad or Cup of Soup

 Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

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